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Exciting changes to this year's program to consider while registering:

1.  Athletes must play at their age level, no exceptions made.  The enforcement of this rule is to protect the child and protect the program's growth.  

2.  Boys Program:  Athlete must be a resident of South Country School District.  They can attend schools other than the public schools in the district, but must have their primary residence within the district itself.  These are PAL rules that will be enforced this year.
     Girls Program:  as in the past, girls from the William Floyd school district are permitted to play with Bellport as there has been no youth program to date.  For girls that have played for Bellport for this reason, they will be permitted to continue to play with Bellport in the event that a William Floyd youth program is established in the future.

3.  The Fundamentals of Lacrosse program is structured to enforce the mechanics, strategy, and sportsmanship of the sport.

If you have questions, please contact us by clicking on the Board Contacts tab to the left.  Then select which board member you would like to email.
Alumni Registration Portal

Any strong program is built on the shoulders of the alumni that have worked their way through it.  Our success is dependent upon your return to give back to the program going forward.  Alumni registration is free, to keep you up to date with the progress we make.  We will from time to time ask you to contribute your time, energy, and financial resources to help Grow the Game in Bellport.

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