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All boys, except for those participating in the Fundamentals of Lacrosse program, are required to wear full protective gear while playing lacrosse.  All players must wear the following items in order to participate in ANY practices, games or evaluations:
Lacrosse Helmet
Lacrosse Gloves
Arm pads
Shoulder Pads/Chest Protector
Lacrosse Stick
Cleats (football or soccer style – no metal cleats)
Mouth guard
Protective cup
DO NOT purchase equipment to play defense or goalie positions unless you have spoken to your coach. 
  • Goalie Equipment is issued to the goalies by the club and returned at the end of the season.
  • Bellport Youth Lacrosse does not encourage the use of long sticks for defensive positions until the older programs (grades 6/7/8) level of play.  It should be noted that Defensive long sticks are not allowed at the lower youth 3/4 grade level.  Players must be experienced and capable of handling a long stick.  It is more important to successfully master your footwork and stick skills at the youth level without a long pole in order to be a successful defender in High School & College.    
There are many options available for equipment, both in style and color.  In order to maintain team unity, please purchase the following items in these colors:
Lacrosse Helmet –  White in color
Gloves – Black, White, Blue or Red in color
Arm Pads – Black, White, Blue, or Red in color